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Before the State of Louisiana limited the savings the film industry enjoyed here, Shreveport was a magnet for big-budget films. Even today, with credits capped, there are still productions all over the ArkLaTex. From Salem to the recently released I Saw The Light, you can run across filming any day, or run into actors any night downtown.

When you look at the Box Office success of the movies that have been filmed in Shreveport, I think studios are still going to push to have filming here. The percentage of films that have raked in cash after executing their craft with the assistance of Shreveport is staggering. Of the Top 50 Box Office movies who filmed in Shreveport, 21 of them have crossed the $20 million mark, and 3 have topped $100 million.

Here are the Top 13 Box Office Grossing films that have Shreveport listed on their IMDB credits:

13. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D - $34.4 Million

12. Vampires Suck - $36.7 Million

11. Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo

Bay- $38.1 Million

10. Righteous Kill - $40.1 Million

9. Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins - $42.2 Million

8. Snitch - $42.9 Million

7. Year One - $43.3 Million

6. Premonition - $47.9 Million

5. The Guardian - $55 Million

4. Battle Los Angeles - $83.6 Million

3. Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire

Chronicles - $105 Million

2. Click - $137 Million

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - $180 Million

Players Born In The Shreveport Area Picked In The NFL Draft

These players were born in the Shreveport area, but did not necessarily play high school or college football in the area. This also doesn't include players born in another area, who moved to Shreveport later in life (Dak Prescott, Trent Taylor)

Closest National Parks to Shreveport

The data collection website researched the closest National Parks to Shreveport, and put together some really cool stats about each one. See their results here.



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