Kiss: The Cook

Super Easy Down Home Meat Jambalaya
If you need a quick easy Jambalaya recipe I have you covered. I stole this one from my friend Hillary who pulls this recipe off every time she needs to feed her family and wants little to no prep time.
Kiss the Cook with Down Home Meat Kabobs
I don’t know how moms do it. There are moms with full time jobs and when they get home, it’s dinner time. My friend recently told me “There are only so many Crock-pot meals you can have.” Kabobs sounded delicious, but I refuse to stand in f…
Kiss the Cook Tacos With a Twist
I was born and raised in the restaurant business, my brothers convinced my parents to open a little restaurant in 1989 and our family has been weird ever since. My brother Carlos has made a career breaking all the rules when it comes to a menu...
Kiss The Cook Ep. 5 – Under Pressure
The biggest complaint I hear when I talk to people about cooking is that they don't have time. Well, there is a magical device that can save you time and deliver amazing results. I'm talking about the humble pressure cooker.
What Can You Do With That Turkey Carcass?
Thanksgiving is now over, and you have the remnants of seven pies, two metric tons of sides, and a half eaten turkey in your fridge. What do you do with all of those leftovers after you've eaten on them for a couple of days?

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