Most Common Phobias – What Are You Scared Of?
What are you the most scared of? Clowns? Snakes? Heights? Those are some common phobias. And we fit right into the common categories, no snakes or heights for us please. Check out the most common phobias and tell us how many you are scared of.
City Girl in the Country: 85%
I once read a statistic that said 85% of all humans are afraid of spiders. I have decided that I am in that 85%. Maybe it was that movie "Arachnophobia" came out right about the time my mom put her hand in a black widow's nest. Add...
Emma Stone on Ellen- this is great [VIDEO]
Since moving to the country, I have become very acquainted with my fear of spiders. Initially, I watched this video because I wanted to know who was the better kisser, but turns out, the spider part was way more juicy!