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Daily Funny – Conan Drives Monster Trucks
So, tomorrow is the Fourth of July. America's celebration of independence! And what is more American than monster trucks? What symbolizes freedom more than hitting the un-open road on is a big ole truck that can just run over everything? The answer to both those questions is... nothing!
Daily Funny – Spray Tanning with Conan
I've never ventured into the world of spray-tanning or hair weaves.  But Conan, a fellow red-head, did!  This clip from TBS's Conan shows what happens when the lanky late night host gets his hands on a bottle of spray tan.
Daily Funny – Jimmy Buffett Offers Hangover Advice
It's Wednesday, which means you're more than halfway to the weekend.  And for many, the weekend is just an excuse to drink way too much.  Jimmy Buffett has some experience with drinking too much, and he shared some hangover cures with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last week.
Daily Funny – Brian Williams Raps Baby Got Back
Somebody in the Tonight Show editing department has struck gold with their videos of NBC newsman Brian Williams rapping iconic hip hop hits.  It's become a popular bit on Jimmy Fallon's show, and the latest "rap" vid has Brian Williams singing the Sir-Mix-a-Lot stapl…

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