The old cliche "When it rains, it pours" comes to mind.  Just as construction is nearly finished on Bellevue Road in north Bossier Parish, word comes from the Bossier Parish Police Jury they have just closed the Dogwood Trail Bridge over Red Chute Bayou at the west entrance of the Dogwood Subdivision just off Stockwell Road and traffic is being diverted to Bellevue Road.  The official report says that the work is necessary for emergency repairs and is expected to re-open late this Friday, July 13, however updates will be provided by the Police Jury if the work will be extended.  We heard the "emergency repairs" were stress cracks in the bridge.  We're almost certain these stress cracks came from the years of flooding of the bridge.  Some of this flooding was as recent as a couple of years ago when water was at a near record high causing the addition of scores of sand bags to raise the level of the levee in that area.