Pictured is "Braveheart" as he appeared recently. You might have heard us talk about this puppy this morning and not known exactly what was going on. Well, here's his story and we've just learned of some awesome news so read all the way to the end.Several weeks ago, a four-month old puppy was found inside an abandoned storage unit by the facility owners. At first sight they assumed the puppy was dead. After picking up the emaciated puppy’s body, they saw an eyelid flicker.

Amazingly and against all odds, the puppy was alive after enduring wicked Louisiana temperatures in a locked storage unit, chained to a car with no food or water on a hard concrete floor. Pictured below is how Braveheart appeared when found abandoned.


The pitbull puppy was taken directly to Dr. Conduff at the Emergency Animal Clinic. After life saving treatments, Braveheart was taken in by TSR La Baby Mommas, an active rescue group in our area.

Braveheart was fostered by Bo and Ronda Spataro. Ronda is a vet tech for Benton Animal Hospital. Braveheart weighed in at only 8lbs as a four month old puppy. Within three short weeks of being discovered, he gained another 8 lbs!

In an unexpected turn of events, Braveheart was then seized by Caddo Animal Control yesterday and was being held in isolation during the investigation.

Because this is a cruelty case and because no waiver was signed to legally give Braveheart to Baby Mommas, Caddo Animal Control seized the dog as evidence.  Caddo Animal Control told Baby Mommas they could not collect donations for the extensive medical treatments Braveheart would require and asked them to return any funds that might have already been collected on his behalf.

And now, in yet another unexpected turn of events, at the request of several key governmental persons, Caddo Animal Control has released Braveheart to the veterinarian and then he'll go home to his foster family.

Additionally, the person who locked him in the storage unit has been arrested.  We'll provide more info if and when it becomes available.