If you are anything like me, you probably already think you know the answer to who might be the largest landowner in Louisiana.

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It has to be one of the paper companies, right? Or maybe it's the Federal Government?

Nope!  However the Federal Government is the second largest landowner in Louisiana with a whopping 1,330,429 acres. Most of that land is part of the 20 national wildlife refuges in 29 parishes which are overseen by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Photo by Gary McCoy/TSM
Photo by Gary McCoy/TSM

So, just who are these major landowners here in the Bayou State?

The website a-z-animals.com just published an article entitled "Meet the 6 Largest Landowners in Louisiana" and my sense of Louisiana pride and total curiosity made me look.

5th Largest Landowner in Louisiana

Golden Ranch Farms, a plantation in Gheens, La. which is between Raceland and LaRose is 52,000 acres.  It is owned by Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr. and is Louisiana’s largest privately-owned refuge.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

4th Largest Landowner in Louisiana

I have to admit that this one came as a total shock to me.  With a whopping 70,000 acres of prime agricultural land, our fourth largest landowners in Louisiana are Bill and Melinda Gates.  Yes, THAT Bill Gates.

3rd Largest Landowner in Louisiana

I'm nearly certain that even if you have never seen one of their thousands of trucks across the state, you're probably familiar with the name of the Roy O. Martin Lumber company.  And the Martin family that owns that incredible timber dynasty can boast that only two other entities own more land in Louisiana than their jaw-dropping 582,000 acres.

2nd Largest Landowner in Louisiana

As I eluded to above, the U.S. Federal Government holds the distinction of being Louisiana's second largest landowner with a total of 1,330,429 acres.

While most of this acreage is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, development of natural resources and public recreation and entertainment, an astonishing 127,934 acres is owned by the U.S. Department of Defense which would obviously include the massive Barksdale Air Force Base.


And Just Who Are The Largest Landowners In Louisiana?

If this doesn't scare you, even just a little, your skin is a lot thicker than mine ever dreamed of being.

With a total of 1,390,000 acres of prime Louisiana agricultural property, the largest landowners in our great state are "Foreign Entities."

That's right, foreigners.  They own more land than the third, fourth and fifth largest owners combined.

According to a-z-animals.com, these are investors from Canada, the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

Though the article doesn't specifically mention China, one could safely assume that if you drilled down into any of these investment companies, you would probably find them at the heart.

Again, if that doesn't scare you, I'd love to spend a little time in your world.

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