If you received news that the world would end tomorrow, what would you do? Or maybe we should ask what would you NOT do? Not go to work? Not mow your yard? Yesterday we heard news of a huge asteroid that passed a billion or so miles from our hometown of Earth. Excited scientists urged us to scurry about, dig out big telescopes that none of us own and look for that chunk of space rock to float on by.



Personally, instead of standing in the yard with a telescope watching the sky for a floating rock, I'd rather fold clothes, floss, or watch my grass grow. Being the dark and twisty people we sometimes are--we immediately began wondering what would happen if we found out that some huge asteroid was hurling straight for our planet? Here are a few things we decided we would do:

  • Run with scissors
  • Tear tags off mattresses
  • Walk past the Wal-Mart greeter without letting them look at our receipt
  • Fire up the blender and pour in something strong (for breakfast)
  • Not go to work.
  • Not call work to tell them we have decided to stay home and drink for breakfast



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