Did You Know That Grand Cane, Louisiana Is Home to the First Accredited Public High School in the State?

There is a lot of rich history in this quaint little town, wait, not a town, a village. The village of Grand Cane was founded in 1902, and according to DiscoverDesoto.com "The Village of Grand Cane is dedicated to keeping the presence of 'Yesteryear' as a constant reminder of the importance of preserving the past for future generations."

TSM Staff
TSM Staff

If You Visit Grand Cane, You'll Probably Stop in the Local Coffee Shop.

There is a cute little coffee shop that locals flock to every morning. The coffee shop is called 4C Coffee House. Their description on Facebook perfectly explains what they are up to in Grand Cane "4C is a small coffee shop serving a Village of friends and family New Orleans craft coffee!"

TSM Staff
TSM Staff

4C Coffee House is One of the Best Parts Of Living in Grand Cane.

4C is a great stop for people in neighboring towns like Stanley, Gloster, and even Mansfield. Who doesn't love a coffee with a smile and local donuts? They don't just do coffee and local donuts, they also serve up some delicious summer drinks and have all kinds of flavored lemonades.

Unfortunately, For Grand Cane Residents 4C Coffee House is Calling it Quits Soon.

4C took to their Facebook page to tell the community they were closing the doors at the end of July and they thanked the community for their support. However, at the end of the message they gave us a glimmer of hope. The coffee shop is for sale.

Do You Want to Own Your Very Own Picture Perfect Coffee Shop?

Who doesn't want to live out their coffee-lover dreams in the historical village of Grand Cane? You can reach out to the owner of 4C by clicking here.

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