I am sure you have gone to a Halloween haunt at least once in your life where there are actors hidden and waiting to scare you around every corner. Have you ever been to a Halloween haunt house that was actually haunted? According to the owner of World of Khaos, Charles Cox, the haunted house theme park is actually occupied by spirits.

"Owners and Actors have seen full apparitions, heard voices, footsteps and had objects moved and even thrown across the room," as mentioned on the event page on Facebook.

Now why not go to a slumber party at a haunted house?

World Of Khaos Ghost Hunt Investigation & Sleepover will be held on March 2nd at 8 pm to March 3rd at 9 am. World of Khaos is located on 816 E. Oakwood St. of Tyler, Tx.

When you sign up to go to this haunting event then you can expect to do some ghost hunting, workshops, unique experiments with glass divination. Also, you get to use equipment like EMF Meters and K2 Meters like a real ghost hunter. Oh don't worry, there will be snacks and refreshments. And since it is a sleepover- you get to sleep on location.

Click here for find your tickets and more information about the event.

I have always wanted to go ghost hunting like the people you see on TV. I feel that I would not be brave enough to call out spirits and ask them to interact with me. I am such a jumpy person. I blame that on the scary movies I watched as a child and continue to watch as an adult. I am highly considering going to this event.

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