No one likes to be alone. Especially 72 year-old Linda Chase, who did something that literally no one else would do.

She forced her dead husband into watching a NASCAR race with her!

The husband of Linda Chase, 67 year-old Charles Zigler died of natural causes back in December 2010.

Instead of doing something everyone else would probably do, which is give their dead loved ones the peace they deserve, she decided to bring him along for the ride.

For over a year and a half, up until last week when Jackson, Michigan police rushed in the house, Chase kept her husband's dead chair in the same chair he died in while she was viewing a NASCAR race.

While she was not arrested for keeping the remains of her loved one, she is however being investigated for financial fraud.

Chase admits to cashing in on her husband checks after his death, for that she says, "I'm probably going to prison...I told them the truth, I didn't lie about that."

[via Fox Sports]




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