We could start off with how cute Carrie Underwood's little family is, or how dreamy her husband Mike Fisher is. However the reason so many of us fell in love with Carrie in the first place is she was the sweetest little thing when she auditioned for American Idol. Now, she has legs that put us all to shame, she'll key a car if he's a cheater, and she hosts the CMA's like she was born to do it. Her chemistry with Brad Paisley is unique, maybe that's why she and Brad have been hosting the CMA's for a decade now. I'm pretty sure Carrie Underwood is everyone's dream BFF! I could say I am very much jealous of James Corden of The Late Late Show.

Tonight Carrie Underwood takes the stage along with Brad Paisley to host the 51st Country Music Association Awards. Yes, we will be looking at her legs and googling her workout routine while we are eating a tub of Blue Bell. Tonight we celebrate a lady dominating in the country music world. WE LOVE YOU CARRIE!

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