I do a lot of driving. After all, I live in the Haughton area and work off of the Pines Road exit of I-20, so I get to travel the length of I-20 and/or I-220 through Shreveport/Bossier City on a near-daily basis.

Over the holidays, I loved the messages the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development posted. My favorite referenced speeding drivers, saying there wasn't a reindeer named 'Speedy!' Of course, one just can't miss all of the Attorney Gordon McKernan billboards. They're everywhere!

Have you seen the Willis Knighton ‘Always Here’ marketing campaign over the last few months? The billboards and TV commercials are really clever and hyper-local. Here are some of the messages I've seen around town:

• Dependable like the bombers at Barksdale.
• More successful heart surgeries than bass in the Red River
• Caring for more children than mother ducks at the Duck Pond
• Roots as deep as the oaks along Fairfield
• Curing all that ails you, except Friday Night Football Fever
• As kid-friendly as the Louisiana State Fair

Whoever wrote these did an amazing job! My hat is off to you! It's not too often that folks can say that they really enjoy being advertised to, but I really like your message!

So, I've got to ask, if you were going to write WK's next round of billboard slogans, what messages would you use? What are some of your favorite billboards? Let us know in the comments section below!

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