Shreveport sensation Willie Jones has earned a spot in the Final 16 on "The X Factor." Jones' coach Demi Lovato told the singer that he was "completely unique" -- as if that was ever in question.

That's not to say the "Give Your Heart a Break" singer didn't have some insightful advice for Jones.

"There's this inner battle in your head," Lovato observed. "How much of me is going to sing this line country, how much of me is going to sing this line R&B? That's a really big problem to have as an artist."

Lovato also chose CeCe Frey, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas to round out the Young Adults category she's mentoring, but the 18-year old Jones remains a standout star.

Jones first wowed the country with a surprising rendition of Josh Turner's "Your Man" on "The X Factor" last month, where all four judges gushed over his talent.

"You are an absolute original," L.A. Reid exclaimed. "That was amazing!"

The typically prickly Simon Cowell said, "I prayed we were gonna find someone like you. I think your voice is a sensational recording voice. This is a day to remember."

Jones has faced some hurdles since that amazing debut, including a Boot Camp duet with fellow competitor Tate Stevens where he forgot the words to "Nobody Knows." Next week, Jones will appear alongside 15 other contestants to perform live. That's when the competition really heats up.

Watch Willie Jones Perform Josh Turner's "Your Man" on "The X Factor"

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