Could Louisiana Be Seeing a Christmas Tree Shortage This Year?

One of Louisiana's most popular Christmas Tree farms had to make a heartbreaking announcement on their social media. Christmas Town Christmas Tree Farm in Kentwood, Louisiana has been welcoming Lousiiananas for several years. It is a fun opportunity for you and your family to pick out your very own Christmas Tree and it's simply a great way to make memories that last a lifetime. This year, there won't be families bustling through the farm.

A Severe Drought is to Blame for the Closure of This Louisiana Christmas Tree Farm.

Not only will there not be trees sold this year, but there won't be any picturesque areas for photographers to go take family photos.


2022 Posed Some Setbacks for This Family Farm Too.

The 2022 Hurricane Season ruined the chance for big trees to grow, so Christmas Town Christmas Tree Farm didn't have any big trees. Will Mother Nature give this Louisiana farm a break in 2024? We sure hope so.

Here is what the social media post said:

I am so sorry to have to announce but due to the severe drought in our area we will not be able to open the farm or even allow photographers this year 2023 we are sorry for the inconvenience but mother nature did not do us any favors this year. Please check back with us next year. We Thank you for your continued support.
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We hope to see you next year 2024
Have a very blessed Christmas"

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