With a number of major elections on the horizon, a number of analysts and pundits speculate that the Louisiana economy will be the deciding factor in the top state races. And according to recent study by personal finance website WalletHub, those numbers are not good.

WalletHub's just released 2019's Best and Worst State Economies takes a detailed look at a number of money metrics and concludes that our home state of Louisiana ranks 50th out of 51 (the District of Columbia is included) when it comes to economic performance.

WalletHub's Top 5 State Economies

1) Washington

2) Utah

3) Massachusetts

4) California

5) Colorado

WalletHub's Bottom 5 State Economies

47) West Virginia

48) Hawaii)

49) Mississippi

50) Louisiana

51) Alaska

WalletHub used 28 key indicators of economic performance and strength. The data set ranges from GDP growth to startup activity to share of jobs in high-tech industries. To see the complete WalletHub study, including metric breakdowns for each state, including Louisiana, JUST CLICK HERE!



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