New Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler could face his first big political battle with the City Council today. Chandler wants Shane Cheatham approved as his Chief Administrative Officer. But there has been some discussion among council members about holding up this appointment.

Chandler tells Bossier Now he recently commissioned a text survey to find out what residents think.

Here are the results of some of the questions asked in the survey.

“Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Mayor-Elect Tommy Chandler?”

Very Favorable: 32%

Favorable: 20%

Unfavorable: 1%

Very unfavorable: 3%

Undecided: 44%

“Mayor-Elect Chandler plans to appoint Shane Cheatham as his Chief Administrative Officer. Do you believe in general that a mayor should pick whomever he wants for these high-level positions, and should the City Council support the Mayor’s appointments?”

I think the Council should support the Mayor’s picks: 69%

I think the Council should oppose the Mayor’s picks: 8%

No opinion: 23%

The third question:

Mayor-Elect Chandler plans to appoint Shane Cheatham as his Chief Administrative Officer which would create an open seat on the city council. To temporarily fill this open council seat, do you favor or oppose the appointment going to recently defeated Councilman Scott Irwin?

Favor: 23%

Oppose: 44%

No opinion: 33%

This information will likely come up during today's Council meeting which kicks off at 3pm.

Several men have submitted resumes to be considered for the interim District 1 Council seat until an election can be held. They are Brian Hammons, Darren Ashley, Jimmy Latham, Lee Jeter and former Council member Scott Irwin.


The council is also set to vote on Mayor Chandler’s recommendation of Charles Jacobs as city attorney. Chandler has also tapped Richard Ray to be Assistant City Attorney for Bossier City.

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