One of Shreveport's many claims to fame is its ties to the world-famous Wiener Brothers.  These half-brothers made their mark as two of most sought after post-modern architect on earth after bringing the then cutting-edge style to the United States and to Shreveport in particular.

Several examples of their work reside here, including including Samuel Wiener's home, Broadmoor and Linwood middle schools.  So much of the incredible Jewish architects story has gone untold until now.

This spring, a documentary titled “Unexpected Modernism: The Architecture of the Wiener Brothers," will make its world premiere at the beautiful Strand Theater in downtown Shreveport.  On April 2nd, the 43 minute film will shed some light on two of the most influential post-modernists in architecture, and detail their extensive work in Shreveport - including where you can see their fantastic work to this day.

Get your tickets and find out more by visiting the Strand Theater's website.

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