The news broke last week that Bossier City Animal Shelter were allowing people to come in and adopt a cat or kitten for free.

Why is it so important to adopt? Well every cat deserves a home, that is for sure, but according to Clear The Shelters there are many reasons why you should adopt from a shelter:

  1. You can save lives!
    1. Since Bossier City Animal Shelter is a kill shelter some animals never find homes.
  2. Adopting from a Shelter is Cheaper than buying at a store.
    1. In this case, it is free.
  3. They are already house trained.
    1. From what I could see when I visited the shelter all of the cats and kittens were litter box trained.

If you can't adopt, you can still foster cats and also donate to the shelter.

Adoption Times when you can go see the cats is Monday- Saturday 10am-3pm at their Bossier City location on 3217 Old Shed Road.

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