According to the Good News Network, Maryland and New York have started an Open Source Textbook program for college students. This program is intended to save money that would be spent on purchasing text books for each class.

Asian college student
Suprijono Suharjoto

I know I had this issue before and will soon have it again when I go back to school this upcoming semester. My freshman year was awful. I spent so much money on books!

Good News Network reports that this program has the potential to save $1.3 million on textbook costs over the Fall 2017 semester.

More colleges should consider programs like this. NBC News reports that "Since 2006, the cost of a college textbook has increased by 73 percent — or more than four times the rate of inflation." I have had friends spend close to $500 on books. In my opinion, Louisiana should consider doing this for their college students.

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