Remember when everyone was going around saying "Thanks Obama"? It's like no time has passed and everyone swapped Obama for Biden. It's no secret that whoever is in office will be blamed for just about everything.

U.S. Gas Prices Expected To Rise To Highest Levels Since 2014
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A friend of mine spotted what he thought was a hilarious sticker on gas pumps in East Texas.

He sent a picture via Snapchat and said "I have only seen these on TikTok up until now." It's a sticker of President Joe Biden pointing and under his picture, it says "I DID THAT".

It's no secret that gas prices are surging. 

A senior petroleum analyst with Gas, Patrick DeHaan, claims that the price of oil has "surged to its highest level in seven years." The average price per barrel right now is $81 dollars. Many of us are paying more for gas right now than we have in a long time. DeHaan claims that gas prices aren't done climbing and they may continue to spike up through the holidays.

Someone in Shreveport-Bossier is having fun with the hike in gas prices and putting up stickers that are making people laugh.

I will admit when I pulled up to the pump off Benton Road in Bossier I chuckled and checked the other pumps around me to see if they had put stickers on every pump. It looks like many had been scratched off already. I have seen several of my friends post pictures of the same sticker all over Shreveport-Bossier.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez


Yes, you have seen gas prices shoot up, but is President Joe Biden to blame?

According to the real reason that gas prices are shooting up is because of the oil production last year. The US and global oil demand is only rising, in case we forgot several oil producers cut oil production last year. Remember when a large percentage of Americans started working from home because of the Pandemic? So, "Thanks a lot Covid-19"? 

People have gone back to work and have started traveling at pre-pandemic rates.

We need oil production to get back on track. Essentially the demand is rising at a rapid rate and the supply just can't keep up. 

Will Biden's policy and decision to cancel Keystone XL cost us at the pumps now?

According to, this is something that may affect prices several years from now. However, oil companies, which lost over $50 billion in 2020, "aren't looking to even drill". If oil companies do raise production it would be from existing wells. They would not put time and effort into starting drilling on federal land or on private land.


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