There's only one thing that's certain when it comes to LSU football, and that's that current Head Coach Ed Orgeron is playing out the string. A deal between the outgoing Coach O and university bigwigs allows the football boss to finish out the current season before he bids farewell the university he so dearly loves.

But who will be his replacement?

A number of names from both big and small colleges across the country are being mentioned. Coaches from major universities, including Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher, Lane Kiffin from Ole Miss and Michigan State Spartans boss Mel Tucker head the list. But there's one name, one coach so incredibly qualified to take over the Tigers football program, you'd think that LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward would be beating down his door, ready to throw millions in cash his way. But, so far at least, his name hasn't come up on anyone's catalogue of top coaches. So, who is this mystery man who could lead LSU football back to glory?

It's former Philadelphia Eagles Coach - and Super Bowl winner - Doug Pederson.

Is he qualified? Are you kidding?

So, you say, there's a fellow, currently unemployed, who has two Super Bowl Rings, one as a player and one as a head coach? Yessir, it's Doug Pederson.

getty images
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And he's regarded across the NFL as an offensive mastermind and quarterback Svengali? In fact, before becoming head coach of the Eagles, he was an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for Philadelphia and Kansas City. That's Pederson.

And he has ties to, not only Louisiana, but Shreveport, too? Yep, Pederson was quarterback for University of Louisiana - Monroe in the early 90s. Then to further cement his ties to the area, he was head man at Shreveport's Calvary Baptist Academy for four seasons.

But could he handle the rabid and oft times irrational LSU fans? Are you kidding? Anyone versed in the game will tell you that the most out of control fans anywhere are, ironically, in the City of Brotherly Love. After five years in Philly, Pederson is more that equipped to maneuver the minefield of Tigers boosters and backers.

Hey, LSU! Get him before somebody else does!

There are some pretty big names in the LSU AD's crosshairs, lots of qualified winners for sure. But reread Doug Pederson's bona fides, then compare his with the resumes of any of the other top names. Fisher? Kiffin? Tucker? Top notch leaders, for sure. But there's not one head coaching championship among them. Meanwhile, there's a guy with a pair of Super Bowl rings just a phone call away!

Hey, Scott Woodward! Make the call. Doug Pederson is your - make that, our - guy.

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