After the dust had settled and the results of a huge survey were tabulated, lots of eyes were opened about how we feel in regards to "taboo" or "off limits" romances here in America.

In this survey, 2,000 people were asked secret desires or crushes, that most of these people agreed, they should have never had.  One of the most eye-opening results was that 57% of those polled, had definitely had a desire for another that they knew was wrong.  Guess it shows that most of us aren't as weird as we thought.

Now, it was clear that most had never acted on their impulse, but it still inflicted that stomach twisting pang of guilt, just for having those thoughts to begin with.  And once all the number crunching was over, the top 10 taboo relationships were revealed.

Essentially, these are the Top 10 People Who Should Be On Your "Do Not Date List"

  1. A friend's partner.  50% of people say they're off limits.
  2. Someone in a relationship, 46%.
  3. A friend's ex, 40%.
  4. One of your parents' friends, 40%.
  5. Your boss, 40%.
  6. Your ex's sibling, 38%.
  7. Someone who was your teacher, 38%.
  8. One of your ex's friends, 34%.
  9. Someone 20 years older or younger than you, 32%.
  10. A coworker, 28%.

The scariest take away from this, to me, is that if only 50% of people think that "their friend's partner" is off limits, that means the other 50% think it's perfectly acceptable. It's bad enough when your ex dates your friend, but if they hook up while you are still together, someone's going to wind up wearing an orange jump suit!

So, who else goes on the list?  Love to get your comments!

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