For those who know me, I have been griping about this problem in Shreveport for years. This is not an Adrian Perkins problem. I want to make that clear. This has been an ongoing problem and I don't know why we can't solve it. Other cities seem to find a way to keep the street lights on, especially on major roadways.
But again this week, I noticed all of the lights are out in front of the State Fairgrounds and Independence Stadium. One of the biggest events in our region is coming up in just 2 weeks and we have to get this addressed.
So I wrote a letter to the Governor asking for emergency assistance. I copied many other local leaders, including the entire city council and legislative delegation. I even sent this to the Lt. Governor, the Governor's Chief of Staff, DOTD bosses and several others.

What Does the Drive Look Like? You Be the Judge

Here's My Letter:

Governor John Bel Edwards

I am writing to you to let you know about a desperate situation in Shreveport.

In just 2 weeks, we will have one of the biggest events in our community with the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl.
Teams from the University of Houston and UL Lafayette will be here for the game. This event brings in thousands of visitors to our community. This game also brings in national media attention.
But not ONE street light on I-20 in front of Independence Stadium is on.
It is completely dark in front of the site. You can barely see the highway at night. Is this really what we want all of these guests and the nation wants to see?
We need these lights fixed immediately. I hope you can help. This has been pointed out to the city several times and nothing has been done. We need emergency help to get these lights repaired.
Our community was bashed across the nation last year by a writer covering BYU's participation in the game. He talked about how ugly our city is.
We don't want that to happen again.
We need these lights fixed as soon as possible and I hope you can help find an answer to this problem.
Erin McCarty
Shreveport, Louisiana
Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Why This Year Is So Important to Put Our Best Foot Forward

Houston and Lafayette are markets where we attract visitors. Those folks come here to gamble or attend some of our special events. Unlike last year's criticism from a writer covering BYU who talked about "how run down the city was". But this year, the teams are from markets that really can impact Shreveport. Folks from Houston and Lafayette are close enough to come to our city to gamble or take part in our big events. If writers from those markets go home with a bad impression of our community, that could really hurt us.
I don't write this as a member of the media or for a radio bit, or to embarrass city leaders. I wrote this letter as a nearly 40 year resident of this community who cares deeply about our future. I know we can do better. We have thousands of area residents who feel the same way. We have to reach out and find a way to bring in the folks who can get results. If that means asking the state or other communities for help, lets do it.
And for those who say I am really overstepping my bounds. I want you to know I have complained about this ad nauseum. Just last month, I addressed the problem, yet again, asking if anyone cared about our city as the State Fair rolled into town and the lights were all out.
If you too would like to ask for the Governor's help, click here to send him an email. We will see if he cares. ESPN and the world will be watching our city on December 23rd.

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