This might make you mad. But we have to ask what is Bossier doing that Shreveport is not doing. Check out the lights on the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway in Bossier.

And now take a look at the lack of lighting on the Clyde Fant Parkway in Shreveport.

Why can't we do better?

I'm really getting tired of talking about this problem in Shreveport. I have been harping about this for many years and it is still a major issue in our community. But I am really ticked off about it today.

During my drive to the radio station in west Shreveport every morning, I pay attention to the lights on the highway. There has been a problem with the lights on I-20 for many years. This is not just an issue with the current administration. But they have been aware of the lighting troubles since day one. I have been emailing them about street lights since Adrian Perkins took over.

Yet, we still have a problem. This is just one example of my drive to work each morning. On some stretches of the highway, all of the lights are out.

And this was an issue for the entire run of the State Fair this year. That is easily one of the biggest events in our community all year. We are coming up on another major event in Shreveport next month.

The Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl is December 23. If you recall, last year Adam Gibby, a writer covering BYU wrote a scathing report about our community.

"When I arrived in Shreveport about two hours before kickoff, I was shocked to see how run down the city was. While the hospitality of the people was great, the honest truth and reality was that on my way to the stadium, I saw more businesses for bail bonds and legal services than I did anything else. Every business had their windows barred up and even the local jail appeared to be run down."

And he added this to his review of Shreveport:

"When I arrived to the stadium parking lot, the baseball stadium right next to stadium looked like something out of World War Z or I am Legend. Windows broken out, vines growing up the walls and graffiti all over the place."

We know the baseball stadium is still an issue. The demolition process has started, but it's on hold while a legal fight continues. But have we cleaned up anything else mentioned in that scathing report?

I would be you could still write the same thing about our city today and much of it would be true. And that is sad. It's really sad. I hope our new leaders can find a way to address this problem and the other issues that are pulling our city down.

I know the I-20 lights are not the only street light issues in the community. I get complaints every week about the Cross Lake Bridge, 3132, the Clyde Fant Parkway and many other roads that have serious issues with lighting.

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