It's a night that Texas Country fans have been waiting on for months!  This Friday night, October 6, Whiskey Myers will hit The Stage at Silverstar.

In an article in Playboy magazine from 2015, we read:

“They’re just a bunch of hell-raisers,” says country singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard. “They’re these wild young roots-rock hellions singing songs that come from a higher place only true poets know. I don’t see anyone else in Texas doing what they’re doing.”

And that pretty well sums up these "hellions."  Their live performances are known country wide as some of the biggest parties on the planet.  And musically, these boys are no strangers to the game.  The Whiskey Myers website lays out the groundwork for what has become known as one of the greatest sounds in Texas Country.

While their approach to the music and humble, hard-working attitudes may not have altered, there have been developments in the Whiskey Myers world, most notably with the arrival of new faces. For the recording sessions, the band's five founding members—Cody Cannon on lead vocals and guitar, Cody Tate and John Jeffers on guitars, Gary Brown on bass, and Jeff Hogg on drums—fleshed out their sound with the addition of fiddler/keyboard player Jon Knudson and percussionist Tony Kent, who are both now full-time members. "They bring a great energy, and I think it's really helped our sound and makes the band more versatile," explains Cannon. "There's less room onstage now, but sometimes a family grows."

The show will begin this Friday night at 7:00.  Course, this one is for those 21 and up.

Tickets are $15 and on sale now at or can be purchased at Silver Star Smoke House.

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