I still feel really bad about this even though I understand that sometimes mistakes happen. We were giving my daughter Rhylee her bath last night and she always insists on staying in the tub until all the water is gone laying on her back and "relaxing" as she says. Well, last night she turned around and her hair got caught in the drain! Luckily I caught it and we cut it before it hurt her but it was still a very scary situation!

Now my three-year-old daughter needs her first real haircut which we weren't expecting to do anytime soon. Being that she is our first child we have never had to look into this before so we do not even know where to begin. Open to any and all suggestions because I really want to make sure her first real haircut goes better than last night.

Where should I take Rhylee to get her first haircut?  Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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