Of all the beautiful trees, how could you pick just one 'must-see' in the entire state?

One of my favorite holiday movies has got to be Home Alone: Lost in New York. The star, Kevin McCallister, is fascinated with the Christmas tree in New York's Rockefeller Center. After being lost in the Big Apple for so long, it isn't until he comes across this tree that he is reunited with his mother. Awww. I don't blame him for being enamored with this tree. As cheesy as it sounds, this tree is one of my favorites in this country as well. It's over seven stories tall and has a gazillion lights on it.

It's magical.

However, not all of us can travel to New York City (nor want to for that matter) to see this beauty. Luckily, we don't have to go far to find a gorgeous Christmas tree that will fill young and young at heart with wonder. In fact, People Magazine just released their list of the Best Christmas Trees in Every State.

Can you guess where Louisiana's is?

Yep, it's in New Orleans. It's the French Market Tree and it's decorated with a 255-year-old tradition. The Christmas celebration in the Big Easy is centuries old and features the pride of Louisiana music and food.

For what it's worth, my all time favorite tree is Charlie Brown's tree. You know the bare little twig with hardly any branches or needles? Even though it's a fictional tree, I love any recreation of this cute little guy, complete with Linus' blanket and a big red ornament.

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