Yesterday I Went Grocery Shopping and Was Let Down.

Have you ever had to visit multiple stores just to get what you need? It is perhaps one of the most frustrating things you can experience. Especially if you have to go down Airline Drive on a Sunday.

My Neighbor Normally Sneaks Over to Grocery Shop Early Sunday Mornings, However, He Claimed Shopping Was a Bust This Weekend.

Was it because everyone just got paid and went grocery shopping? Why was his favorite grocery store out of most of his favorite products? I was convinced my neighbor just picked the wrong spot and I mentioned we would go to another grocery store later on in the day after the staff could stock up shelves.

The Second Grocery Store Was Low On Produce, It Was Concerning.

"Maybe Sunday just isn't a good day for grocery shopping and we are hitting up all the wrong stores." I couldn't comprehend how the stores we went to were all so low on milk and meat.

My Friend Just Went on an Epic Search For Milk All Over Bossier With Zero Luck.

She went to the Bossier Walmart and snapped a photo, she was dealing with the same frustration we dealt with, where is the milk? She ended up paying $7.19 for a gallon of milk at a Circle K gas station.

Lilechka75, Thinkstock
Lilechka75, Thinkstock

Do You Know Where the Milk Has Gone?

Is there a milk shortage coming? Did a major milk truck get held up somewhere and we aren't aware of it? If you have any inside scoop as to why we are running out of milk let me know by messaging me here. 

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