Toys-R-Us is just as much apart of most of our childhoods as Saturday morning cartoons but that soon will end. The popular toy store chain announced recently that they'll be closing all of their stores after going bankrupt. But what does this mean now? Will there be going out of business sales? How much longer will they be open?

According to CNN not all of these questions have answers just yet but the company has a bankruptcy meeting on Tuesday where we can expect more details to come out of. Experts think that some of the stores will have sales while others they're trying to save for a little longer. It breaks my heart but it's expected to see the company ended within the next 60 days! Sources say the company is looking for a buyer for their higher producing stores but given the fact that most people buy toys online now I'm not holding out much hope.

Around 590 stores could see sales starting within the next 2 weeks but they're holding out on around 200 stores while the search for a buyer continues as long as they can hold out. It's not yet announced which stores will be included in the sales that info will probably come out this week. If you currently have a gift card you have around 30 days left to use them or the value could be lost forever!

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