Carrie Underwood sure knows how to spend an exciting Friday night! The country superstar turned to social media on Friday evening (March 16) to share a video of her dog Penny fast asleep, and she appeared to be having a dream that made her mouth twitch in her sleep.

The adorable dog is laying on her right side as Underwood films her face in a closeup, and she's snoring sweetly as the clip begins. Pretty soon her nose twitches, followed by her eyes, and as the video progresses she begins to move her mouth, actually looking like she's smiling briefly. It's the kind of movement dogs often make when they're dreaming, and Underwood's Instagram followers thought it was just as adorable as she did.

"My Friday night...not sure why I find this so funny," Underwood writes to accompany the adorable video. Her fans chimed in with admiring comments for Penny, including one follower who writes, "Dreaming, snoring pups are just the cutest!"

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"So cute! I love the smiles during the sleep," another writes, while still another fan could relate to Underwood as the owner of a snoring dog.

"We had an American bulldog and she snored so loud you could hear her through the floor. So funny," she writes.

Underwood is very close to her two dogs, Ace and Penny, and it's not unusual for her to share pictures of them online. She posted a sweet shot of them sleeping side-by-side for National Dog Day in August, and she also shared a Christmas photo of the dogs in December.

The singer sought special water-based physical therapy for Ace in early 2017 when he suffered paralysis after a herniated disk. She shared a video of the determined dog going through the therapy in an Instagram post to update fans on his progress.

Of course, sometimes Underwood's dogs test her patience, too, like that time Penny stole son Isaiah's french toast right off the breakfast table!

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