I've been known to make an ugly sweater or two in my day. This year, it was as simple as having wire ribbon and some thread.

The holidays are upon us and the parties are here! Recently my girlfriends and I had our girls Christmas party. Along with food and a gift exchange, it was an ugly Christmas sweater theme. Somehow I lost my go-to ugly sweater (that was also super annoying sound wise), so I had to create something new. Did I mention, I also waited until the last minute so crafting one was a must.

Before we get into this season's design, let me show you my lost sweater:

I just found a cheap sweater and looked up a cute design on the Internet. Then I free sketched my reindeer, colored him in with fabric paint and sewed on jingle bells, pipe cleaner and a red fluffy nose.

This year however, I went a different route.

I found a sweater at a thrift shop and a roll of wire ribbon. That's it. Two items and a little bit of sewing. I wrapped the ribbon around the sleeves and secured it with some pins. Then I took a needle and thread and looped around the wire parts of the ribbon. As for the bow, I simply created a standard bow that you would make for a present and sewed it through the middle onto the sweater.

To make sure the bow had some structure, I placed one of the shirts tags on the opposite side of the middle of the bow on the inside of the shirt. I sewed right though that cardboard tag to give the bow some structure. This kept the bow from falling forward and drooping.

You'll also notice that I've got that signature candy wreath I taught you to make a few weeks ago.

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