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We call them "Dad-isms."  Those little sayings that your Dad would use all the time. The one cliche' that made him Dad.  Like in my house when I was growing up, my brother, Buddy, and I were really bad about tearing up my Dad's stuff or losing it.  Daddy would always say, "I can't have nothing.  You boys could tear up an anvil with a feather."

With Father's Day rolling in this Sunday, our thoughts are all on dear old Dad. I saw a bumper sticker years ago that really says it all. "Any man can be a father, but only a real man can be a "Dad." And Dad's little "Dad-isms" are what made him special. The sad part is that research has just come out and on average, most guys will become just like their Dad around the age of 37.

So, if all of a sudden a guy really enjoys mowing grass, sleeping on the couch during a sporting event, or has begun taking grilling very seriously, in all likelihood, he's becoming just like his Dad and he'll start to develop his own "Dad-isms."

What is one of those little sayings, "Dad-isms" that your Dad would always use? I asked the question about Dads and their Dad-isms on my Facebook page and got a ton of responses, and some of these are definite diamonds!

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