There are very few times in my life I have ever felt cool. One of those times was when I received my very first Hot Wheels cars and track for my birthday. I set up the flexible orange track into a two sided dragstrip.

The top of the gravity powered Speedway at my house was attached to the bar in our kitchen. From there the dayglo orange track plummetted to the floor below at a steep but manageable angle.  The finish line of my Hot Wheels Speedway was just past my father's big comfy recliner. That recliner was where the official scorer viewed the races to settle any disputes over close finishes.

I would imagine myself behind the wheel of my Hot Wheels cars when I played with them. My favorite car was called a Silhouette. It was a futuristic concept car. My least favorite was a purple Dodge Deora. That car would never stay on the track.

The video you see at the top of this story is a pretty realistic depiction of how it might have felt to drive a Hot Wheels car. It's funny how I would have loved to do that in my youth but now that I am older, I am content to watch the video. Some of those landings look like they are pretty hard.

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