Yesterday I scrolled through several angry Facebook posts. What did Mr.Potato Head do now? Why are people deciding to boycott one of my favorite childhood toys? Hasbro the toymaker announced they're making the Mr. Potato Head brand "gender-neutral".

Let me just throw this out there, I always made my Mr.Potato head gender-neutral. I guess I did it before it was cool, mine had a purse, pretty eyes, and a mustache. Can I get a "Hayyyy"?

You have several options when it comes to which potato you want. You have the legendary Mr. Potato Head, my personal favorite Mrs. Potato Head, and the little mini versions of them. However, they are all under one brand name and logo. The "Mr.Potato Head" logo is going away and it will be replaced with just "Potato Head,"

The reality of it is, the packaging will get cheaper for Hasbro. So this whole "Mr. Potato Head is getting canceled" really isn't a thing. However, social media will do what it does. We will point fingers and probably get way too worked up over a simple case of saving some money on packaging.

Many companies have had to ditch names or restructure to be able to rebrand themselves. Dunkin' Donuts changed its name to just Dunkin'to be able to compete with companies like Starbucks and PJ's Coffee, and guess what? It worked. Many of my friends go to Dunkin' just for the iced coffee.



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