Every year, the hottest toy of the year emerges around Christmas time and causes absolute pandemonium.  Since the beginning of Christmas as a mass-marketed shopping frenzy, there has always been a must-have toy for kids.  Last year it was Fingerlings, the year before it was Hatchimals, and list goes on and on.  This year, the toy about to wreck (toy) shops across the country is: Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn!

This sweet little baby unicorn needs your help!  The doll comes with packaged mixes to make Poopsie food.  After you feed your new horned horse child, the inevitable other side of the coin is where the rest of fun comes up (or out).  There is a heart shaped hole on the opposite side of side of the unicorn of the feeding hole where the colorful and glitter-filled "remains" come out.

The New York Post reports that the hottest toy of the year will allow kids to get the full experience of raising a little bundle of mythical joy!  Parents get the full experience of fighting with other grown adults over a pooping unicorn doll!  It's the magic of Christmas incarnate

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