My family has a habit of always having Tamales around when it comes to Christmas time. Part of it stems from an old joke and having something to unwrap on Christmas day, so tamales are always an option when it comes to Christmas day. We don't have any crazy family traditions. After hearing some of my friends crazy traditions I am starting to wonder if I need to start a new tradition for my family to spice things up this holiday season.

A friend of mine says her mom always hides a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree, and whoever can find it earns an extra Christmas gift. She claims that it's a German tradition that her family has practiced for many generations. Another friend of mine says that turning 21 is a huge deal, because their family always does a Santa Run, where all of the family members over the age of 21 get dressed up as Santa and either run a 5K or bar crawl in their Santa suits. Does your family have a weird Christmas Tradition? Share it in the comments below!

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