I thought for sure that I had dodged a bullet this year, but it turns out that one of my best friends is hosting a Halloween party where we have to dress up. It's too late to order something online and I can't fathom going to a store and paying $60 for something I will never use again. A few years ago a friend and I went dressed as Paula Dean and a stick of butter, I thought it was genius up until we didn't win the costume contest. I am fresh out of ideas and have no idea what to do this year. If you are the creative one in your group chances are, a few people have already called you asking for a costume idea. Have you ever pulled off a genius or hilarious Halloween costume that cost you little to nothing? We want to try out your homemade Halloween costumes. Tell us about your homemade genius costumes and we will do our best to imitate it. Please include a picture in the comments below!

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