We already know that both of the Spirit Halloween Stores in Bossier and Shreveport are going to be booming with business. If you want to look a 10 for a socially distanced Halloween party, you either shop on Amazon or you go to Spirit. However, I have no shame, I am that person that does not hesitate to make something at home and I hope that everyone at the party knows what I am shooting for.


Halloween will look very different this year. Will we opt for drive-by trick or treating? Will every single Halloween party look like a party where only 10% of the people invited showed up? With so many of us being hesitant of Halloween festivities this year I imagine we may be hesitant to spend $60 for something you will only be able to wear to a neighbors Halloween party and only a handful of people will see. Is it worth it to spend the money on a Halloween costume or are you better off just finding random things around the house to make an epic costume?

Have you ever pulled off a genius or hilarious Halloween costume that cost you little to nothing? We want to know all about your genius Halloween costume hacks.


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