Really though, what does my dad want for Father's Day? Growing up he settled for macaroni art and a bag of Top Ramen from the pantry wrapped in newspaper and zip ties. For some reason it isn't considered an acceptable gift twenty years later.  I could buy him his signature tighty whities, but I am pretty sure my sister already ordered them online and they're probably in route to his house.

I probably should have saved for Father's Day. Come to think of it, it's that time of the month where I scan my debit card and start to pray it goes through. So keep that in mind when I ask you, what is the best gift you have ever given your dad for Father's Day? I scoured the internet and somehow everything that I think my dad would like is over fifty bucks. If we happen to be on the same boat, what are you planning on gifting your dad? Hey dad's what do you want this Father's Day?

P.S. Sorry I couldn't get you that Big Green Egg dad, I have to start playing the lottery!

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