Who does not like a good trip down memory lane?  Recently, during a ride home from work, I along with my Morning Madhouse co-workers (we carpool everyday) started talking about random topics. Usually we talk about the show, but lets be real we get distracted very easily.  The topic of places we wish were still here was discussed.

Carter misses Phoenix Underground. Brandon misses his favorite wing place, Wing Zone. I really wish that DejaVu had a chance. Two weeks after the club opened it closed down for whatever reason. The videos and sneak peek pictures they would post on Facebook got me so excited. I wish it stayed for a little while longer.

So we opened the topic to our listeners to see what they miss in the area. Some of the answers we got included:

Grandy's Breakfast Buffet
Shreveport Captains
Phoenix Underground
Mickey's hot dogs at night
Semolina Restaurant
The Wet Bar
Rockin' Rodeo
Chicky's Boom Boom Room
The Boot

Now I ask you, what do you miss in the Shreveport/Bossier City area? Comment on our Facebook post!

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