I have been asked a couple of times about JuJu Road. The first time I brushed it off as a joke. The second time I heard about it I was asked if I wanted to go out there at night. I will always answer with a quick "No!" if someone asks me to go anywhere secluded at night. Most importantly a road that people all over the Ark-La-Tex claim is haunted. The story I have heard is Pre-Civil War. A master caught his slave named JuJu with his daughter, the Master became filled with rage and hung the slave on a tree. The area called JuJu road off of Swan Lake in Bossier is considered one of the most Haunted places around.

Jake Greene
Jake Greene

Here is what I have gathered so far from my Snapchat and my inbox. (None of it is to be taken as a fact.):

  1. You can see a man hanging from a tree if you go at night. It is the creepiest feeling that will ever come over you.
  2. Tractors break down when they normally wouldn't. A simple job of bailing hay is followed by a lot of mechanical issues that normally wouldn't happen.
  3. If you go after midnight, you will see shadows of torches and several hooded people.
  4. When there is a full moon you can see the slave with the rope around his neck wandering the area.
  5. Don't shut your car off if you go out there, it will struggle to turn back on if you need to get out of there ASAP.
  6. If you visit the area at night you will become ill over the next several days. Panic attacks will take over your body.
  7. Your phone will randomly lose reception. If you try and make a phone call the call will drop.

Here is an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from Paraseekers of Shreveport that was taken on JuJu Road.

Have you visited JuJu road? What have you seen or felt? Tell us about it below!

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