So, you watched the big game - and it was all of the last-minute-dramatic-victory-snatched-from-the-jaws-of-defeat game action, Lady Gaga infused, over commercialized spectacle you were looking for.  And, it was glorious.  Seeing the first overtime in Super Bowl history was impressive to say the least.

But now that the lights have faded, and the new layer of Super Bowl trash settles around NRG Stadium - what do you do with the useless obelisk that used to display football?

Don't fret my friend, we can find some use for that sad old black rectangle holding down your entertainment center.

Santa Clarita Diet - Holy crap, this Neflix original series is amazing!  Mix up Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, zombies, realty, and suburbia and presto!  You get one amazing, gross, hilarious ride.  The entirety of season 1 is ready for you to devour now.

Legion - Marvel has shown no coyness in its plan for media domination.  The movies, the major network series, the streaming, and now the FX series Legion focused around an ultra-powerful mutant in the X-Men universe.  The special effects budget is staggering and it shows.  If you have 10% or more geek in you, I think you will like this show.  Check it out on FX this Wednesday.

The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes and company will take the fight to Neegan and associates.  This is your drama, violence, and struggle.  With the beginning of this season being the goriest ever, will the nastiness continue?  Will Maggie ride a tiger into battle?  Can the last Whataburger be found?  Find out most of the answers starting Sunday the 12th on AMC.

There's at least 3 good reasons not to throw out "Daddy's Little Helper,"  but if you are too distraught - let me know.  I can find the little fella a good home, unless it has a Falcon sized hole in it.


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