Starbucks is a very progressive company.  Whew, that was tough!  After all of the controversies that the Seattle based coffee juggernaut has been embroiled in, it was difficult to come up with an opening line that was both true and (hopefully) inoffensive.

You can't really say that they are a bad company - even if you disagree with their stance on trade policies, wages, or the crazy high price of their deliciously addictive coffees.  For what it's worth, they put their money where there mouth is.  And by mouth, I mean employees.

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Their yearly review is weird, though.

If you work for Starbucks, and you are a parent to be - the caffeinated mermaid has your back.  The best part about this kind of support?  It's for Moms and dads!  That's right, Starbucks is now offering up to twelve weeks leave for dads, foster parents, or adopted parents.  The Good News Network is reporting that this expanded birth policy also sweetens the procreational deal for expectant mothers - moms-to-be working more than twenty hours a week will also be eligible for six weeks of leave with 100% pay!  The new benefits also apply to the guaranteed 12 weeks of unpaid leave the Federal government demands. Mothers, who work out of the store, are eligible for a whopping 18 weeks paid parental leave.

As much as I would've loved being able to stay at home with my wife and newborn son for 3 months, there is a downside to this plan.  The leave for dads, while a step in the right direction, is unpaid.  This moment in life usually costs more money, not less.   Diapers, formula, and coffee aren't free.

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