If you're like me and love history, especially local Shreveport/Bossier City history, you're going to really dig this look at Shreveport from TwinBlends in 1918!

You're going to love the story on how the brothers from Twin Blends came across these pictures. A man named Ed Chopin noticed a someone discarding a large brown photo album/portfolio in the mid-1980s. He, of course, retrieved it and found over 200 very well taken and developed pictures of Shreveport from 1918... the pictures were mostly featured the interiors of Shreveport businesses. It turns out, that in 1918, the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce commissioned a photographer to document said Shreveport businesses. It's a blessing that these photos weren't lost forever!

I am constantly amazed by how the folks at Twin Blends are able to marry the past with the present in such a seamless and appealing way. Check out more of their work on their YouTube channel. 

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