Recently one of my closest friends got married. It was beautiful and romantic. Alyssa, another bridesmaid, and I were tasked to decorate the gift table. This got me wondering out of all of the things that they received what will they actually use. Yeah, the matching Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs and pillow cases are cute, but will they actually be used?

After asking some of my married friends what they use most out of all of the gifts they received they said the following:

Carter and Drew: Bread Maker and Griddle

Brandon and Tracy: Toaster Oven

Heath and Brenna: Mixaid

According to Bustle, the majority of items that actually go to use are things that are food related. For example: blenders, electric griddle, silverware, and barbecue. After asking a few coworkers this seems to hold up. So the next time that you go wedding gift shopping you may want to stick to purchasing kitchen appliances.

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