The ACLU of Louisiana has filed suit against the Webster Parish School Board, Superintendent Johnny Rowland, and Lakeside Junior/Senior High School Principal Denny Finley. They are all accused of unlawful practices involving religious promotion, religious endorsement, and violating other religious protections of the First Amendment.

Heather L. Weaver, Senior Staff Attorney for the ACLU, issued a statement today on behalf of Lakeshore parent Christy Cole. According to the statement, Cole is a Christian, who raised her children under the biblical teachings that praying in public is a sin. Cole's daughter K.C. attends Lakeside, and last year K.C.'s father approached Rowland, who was then the school's Principal. According to the statement, Rowland told the father that the school will stop their unlawful behavior "...when someone makes me stop."

Weaver's statement goes into details on the allegations against the school. The contain the following notes:

"School officials are imposing religion at every turn, even though the law has been clear for decades that promotion of religion by public schools is illegal and violates students’ rights under the First Amendment. Nearly every Lakeside school event features an official prayer. Graduation services are held in churches and often resemble religious services. 

School officials have told students they must take the Bible literally and that evolution is a “fairy tale.” The “Daily Objectives,” posted in one teacher’s classroom, tell students to “Pray Daily!,” “Love God!,” “Study His Word,” and “Worship God.” Religious groups and performers, such as the Christian rapper Mynista, have been invited to appear at school assemblies to proselytize students. "
This issue is still fresh in many area students' minds, after the ACLU and other legal groups challenged the practices of Bossier Parish Schools just a few months ago. When Bossier Schools Superintendent Scott Smith responded, he originally told KEEL News that he was aware that the courts have ruled against prayer in schools, and at sporting events, but that his schools have continued with the practices despite the rulings.

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