With so many business temporarily shutting their doors, and the grocery stores running a little low on pretty much everything - ordering out seems like the best way to support local businesses, practice social distancing, and get your grub on all at the same time.  In order to keep track of who's open and who's not in Louisiana, the clever webmasters at Open For Business LA have compiled a delicious (although not too incredibly thorough) list of restaurants in the Bayou State that would love to help you chow down.

So far, the concept seems to be a great idea - but the follow through is severely lacking.  As of the time I write this, there is only one restaurant in the Shreveport/Bossier City area on the list - Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant.  With only 122 restaurants on it's list, I can only surmise that the database (user generated) is still growing.

Until this, or any idea that will help our friends in the restaurant business takes off and things get back to normal - please support your favorite local restaurants through take out orders, gift card purchases, and copious amounts of social media praise!

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