I have never been put in Facebook jail, although I have had a few warnings thrown my way for ridiculous reasons, I have skipped out on jail for now.

I have had several of my comments blocked before, and they were simple jokes, but according to the all mighty Facebook I made some jokes in bad taste and they hid my comments and told me to tread lightly.

Who is the latest group to get the shaft from Facebook? None other than the Shreveport Police Department. What did they do that went against Facebook's community standards? They posted a job opening.

Imagine posting a job and being told "Yeah umm how about no?"

Obviously, the Shreveport Police Department was just as flabbergasted as we are. Why would Facebook claim that a job listing to become a police officer goes against community standards?

The Shreveport Police Department took screenshots of the censored post and shared it on their Facebook page saying: "Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't see the need for police officers to help serve and protect our city as a necessity as we do.
We can't do a fancy Facebook advertisement but WE ARE HIRING for our upcoming October class. Don't miss out on the opportunity to become part of our team!
Contact one of our recruiting team members today!
Corporal LaToyia Marsden 318-505-2141
Corporal Christopher Bordelon 318-517-2710
Sergeant Angie Willhite 318-505-8551"

Have you ever been censored by Facebook? Is there a bypass for job postings that the Shreveport Police Department should know about?

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