In what has to be one of the most backwards sounding pieces of advice I have ever heard, scientists are now saying that the best way to make friends at work is to complain about your job with co-workers!

Communications professor at the University of Arizona, Patricia Sias, suggests doing the thing that will most definitely get you fired if your boss hears you, is a sign that you are have found more than just a work-mate - you've found a work-friend.  According to Professor Sias' interview with The Cut magazine, safe complaining is only possible when you reach the tipping point of trust with your cubicle buddy.  Basically, at this level of your employment bond - you trust your co-worker not to rat you out to the man (who signs both of your checks) when you prattle on about the rights of the oppressed workers in your department and how unfair it is that your boss just bought matching Porsches for his dogs.

Just make sure your "friend-making activities," don't get you fired.  Having trustworthy friends is always good, but so is a paycheck.

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